Prettiest Girls

Pharrell Williams

Pretty girl pretty girl
Oh no here comes a pretty girl pretty girl
Uh oh here comes a pretty girl

[Verse 1]
I know what you are thinkin'
I know what you will say
You made up this whole far-fetched thing about the reasons that I have changed
Well I'm still the tiger
And the jungle's still my home
But she blew out my fire
And now my killer instincts are gone
What did you do?

Everything's lost its worth to me
Everything in this world
Ever since it occurred to me
That you are the prettiest girls

[Verse 2]
My life is so amazing
Let me explain how it got that way
Well if happiness was standing at your door
I mean tell me what would you say?
But I'm no liar, and you rearranged my home
And I wonder how I don't get tired
Of loving the three of you instead of what I own
All that is gone


What are you doing to me?
What's so drastic all my friends see?
You say nothing, nothing, nothing
But it's really something, something, something
You won't answer me, and all the while
My heart just melts, from your innocent smile
It's strange
Oh God I think I have changed...
There's one thing that's sure
Is everyday I love you some more
My hand's been handcuffed and loved by you
So is there really anything I could do?


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