Evren Oarsman
music news 15 APR 2024  96

A Radical Revision

The original lyric, "Feelin' like P. Diddy," underwent a bold transformation, morphing into "F--- P. Diddy." This alteration was not merely a whim but a deliberate choice, aiming to address the serious allegations surrounding Diddy, including accusations of sexual assault and abuse.

A Vocal Protest

As Rapp took the stage during her Coachella set, the anticipation was palpable. With Kesha's imminent appearance, the atmosphere crackled with excitement. Introducing Kesha as a special guest and hailing her as "the hottest person on the Earth" only fueled the audience's anticipation.

Unleashing the New Verse

When Kesha joined Rapp onstage, the crowd erupted in cheers. Together, they launched into a revamped version of "Tik Tok." Kesha's defiant vocals replaced the original line, delivering a powerful message with each word: "Wake up in the mornin' like, ‘F--- P. Diddy.'" Rapp echoed the sentiment, punctuating it with a simultaneous display of defiance, flipping the middle finger alongside Kesha.

Making a Bold Statement

The significance of this lyrical change was not lost on Kesha or Rapp. Kesha, in particular, reinforced the message on social media, posting the modified lyric on X (formerly Twitter) following her electrifying performance.

A History of Collaboration

This wasn't the first time Kesha and Rapp had shared the stage. Their previous collaboration in Brooklyn, where they performed '