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Heavy Breather

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Heavy Breather - B.o.B Lyrics

Oh wassup
Oh wassup
That nigga B.o.B
That nigga Willie Joe

Hey, she's a heavy breather
Hey, she's a heavy breather
Hey, she's a heavy breather
Everytime I run up in her
Hey, she's a heavy breather
Hey, she's a heavy breather
Hey, she's a heavy breather
Everytime I run up and I breathe
In the club sweat, got her-got her drippin' wet
Homie I'm a vet, wrist match the icy neck
Baby you the best, I don't mean no disrespect
But she's a heavy breather, she's a heavy breather

[Verse 1: B.o.B]
There's plenty pussies in here, but I'm looking at that butt
She be dropping like she hopped up out the bath tub
Now don't get arrogant because we looking at you
We ain't really watching you, we just watching what your ass does
Baby, you look like you could really use it
And don't make no excuses, cause we was made to do this
Now don't be acting baby, I'll give you asthma baby
I'm looking at your body and you're pretty fascinating
You got more body then a Chevy with the double doors
Make me wanna cut a flip and do a somersault
Now don't get mad at me baby because it's your mama fault
You bout to pop up out your Wonder Bra


[Verse 2: Willie Joe]
What's poppin'?
What goes on?
Tree and that patron got me in the zone
Tell your man you came with the plans postponed
Cause Willie Joe bout to take your pretty ass home
I'm a heavy breather, I got to get the gash
I took her to the pad, and then that nigga stabbed
I hit her with a jab, and then an upper-cut
She had a mean-strut, cute-face thunder-butt
DJ play the cut, now she ready Freddy
She put her ass on me, she breathin' extra heavy
Mami when you ready, we can do the move
From the B to the A, lets do it cruise


[Verse 3: Hagon]
She the exception defyin' all of nature's laws
Said she want it right now up against the wall
Are you a big girl? mama could you take it all?
I like that outfit but mama could you take it off?
I tell her somethin' good, haters try to undo it
Don't think I ain't made for it, cause I'm cuttin' to it
See women want a nigga who ain't gonna go behind her
But at the same time beat it up from behind
I got that pussy so wet, a river run through it
After me she renamed shit, a nigga run through it
Because I beat it up and left her ass out of breath
In the bed touching herself, breathing heavy like...


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