Communication (Single Version)

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Communication (Single Version) - Bobby Womack Lyrics

I've got somethin' I wanna talk about to you
Just another communication
It could help the situation
It's not the generation
That keep gettin' on this nationWhat I say, what I say
What I say, what I sayWe've made this world what it is today
For the way we live and what we do and say
The pitiable show in the eye of need
You close my eyes every time I don't seeWhat I'm sayin', what I'm sayin'
Well, look at hereDisgusting one another
But still callin' me your brother
And listen to me now
Now if you believe in what I am sayin'
I'll be back, take a slamLike I say, like I say, like I say
Say, like I say, like I sayAll we need is just a little communication
That could make this world a better nation
Just like the preachers congregation
They're all in to his conversationWhat I say, what I sayOh, Lord, good God
Don't put down your brother
On the way he dress
I am gettin' tired
And sick of your messOoh, and if you believe
Oh Lord, I know you believe in what I am sayin'
And I want every man to take a stand
All you gotta to is help me
Help, help, help me
Why don't you help me?
Help me, help me, help me sing this songJust a little communication
Just a little communication
If you see your brother fallin' down
Give him a chance to make him come aroundGot to, got to
You've got to, I've got to
I've got to, you've got to, you've got to
Everybody, come on nowKnow it's gonna take me back to [Incomprehensible]
Do it againNeed just a little communication
You can help this situation
It's got the, it's got the new generation
Just keep on tellin' down this nationCommunicate, it's a family affair
Communicate, it's a family affair
Communicate, babyI know you hear me talkin' to you
I know you hear me talkin' to you

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