I'm Through Trying to Prove My Love to You

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I'm Through Trying to Prove My Love to You - Bobby Womack Lyrics

(Bobby's monolouge)
Yeah I know you laugh, you've had your last laugh, tough
You laughed a whole lot of times as i walked out the door and said:
"Don't worry he be back, see he's in love and he's hung up."
You see, GOD, if HE see that you don't want
Something that's good for you HE takes it away and gives it
To somebody else that HE feels that can use it
That's why today I can say that --
(End Monolouge)

Oh I'm through

(Chorus/backing vocals) I'm through 12x trying to prove my love to you (Bobby sings over the backing vocals)
I'm through, oh girl i'm through
Sometimes i gave up the right when i know he was wrong
But i believe i can stand up today on my own

Well, But I found someone and I think she understands what it really means
What it really means to have a real man
Her daily deeds and the things she do and say
She said, i'm not trying to take that other woman's place --
But if i can't help you is swear i won't stand in your way
Tell that woman that your through (backing vocals: I try to prove my love) trying to prove your love to her
She said, tell that woman that you're through boy. (backing vocals: I tryin' prove my love to you)

(Chorus/backing vocals) I'm through 12x (Bobby sings over the backing vocals) I'm through staying up all night waiting on you to return
I don't think it's another lesson
That I have to wait and try to learn
You'll find out far around the road
See when you take my heart i can't let you take my soul

And always happen in so many love affairs
Oh you're so well loved today and tomorrow
Tomorrow you just don't care
When you tired and give some wrong loving the other
And oh the other one go running in the streets
Running in the streets trying to find it and another
Ohhhh --- and i'm through

(Chorus/backing vocals) I'm through 9x (Bobby sings over the backing vocals) try to prove my love to you
Well I'm THROUGH!!! Baby, yeah, yeah yeah
I don't feel bad about it no, no
Cause i gave everything i had

I'm Through Trying to Prove My Love to You lyrics !!!