Rise Up (feat. Talib Kweli)

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Rise Up (feat. Talib Kweli) - Jon Connor Lyrics

This for their ears yo, Look where we headed, niggas want baby mamas instead of weddings
They holler "she crazy" - you knew that before you got her pregnant
Visualize the dream of Malcolm and Martin opposite
We all God's children, making the devil's adoption list
Free will keep overriding our common sense
Born with a conscious, but over time we build up a tolerance
Immunity to scrutiny, that's just how the world turn
And Alfred taught me some people just want to watch the world burn
Ashes to ashes after flashes of decisions made
The world disintegrates, that's shallow, just take centre stage
As I pen this page, some would say that I'm a renegade
Cleanin' out my closet, I'm just man enough to renovate
Seduction or corruption'll have us all fucked
Before we all stuck, see the light before we awestruck
Back to that baby mama, nigga, here your little boy come
Lifetime to build a future, only seconds to destroy one
Rise - they say my message is a weapon
Say hello to Mr. AK47
Send me to the jury or the reverend
Cause I'm 'bout to spray this extra clip I left in
So rise, motherfucker, rise
Oh, what's the point?
You will die or probably commit suicide to this joint
My nigga, they say my message is a weapon
Say hello to Mr. AK47Before they close my casket, I want my words to reach to the masses
Before they have me in shackles sayin' I didn't pay my taxes
We laughing, but what's wack is that this shit could actually happen
Shit is real life, the lights and the cameras is just distractions
Spoon fed out the mob from the time we open our eyes
We don't try to seek the truth, we more comfortable with the lies
Like if I told you black was blue and you never knew all this time
Or 1+1 was really 3, you'd go out of your fucking mind
Kids is suicidal, homicidal, wanna be famous
Hopin' that the video of the trial gon' go viral
How we've spiralled as a generation, not enough answers
Too many questions, I close my eyes and count my blessings
I'm realistic about this life, shit, that's why I write shit
That'll make a nigga think twice and focus on the right shit
When happiness ain't got a price, man, that shit is priceless
But it takes some folks they whole life to recognize this, so
Violence begets violence, but killers respect the silence
Not religious, but I still pray to God and respect the science
We're deaf when the kids is crying, and stare when the TEKs is firing
So we the endangered species, they'd rather protect the lions
In the Matrix looking for Zion, dying by the gat
Is as American as the bacon that they're frying with the fat
They lying, them niggas flat when they clappin' at 'em like blap
Your opinion on the matter don't matter, matter of fact
They be aiming it at our back cause we market it as a target
Went from modern day prophets to martyrs dying for profit
Went from body rockin' to molly popping
Niggas will probably wipe your heart
Probably stop at the sight of this nigga rockin'
At the supermarket shopping
Trying to cop a shotgun with a debit card
Listening to demagogues
Who's representing Brooklyn like Decepticons
This is the new Renaissance
My accountant get 5% cause he respect the gods

Rise Up (feat. Talib Kweli) lyrics !!!