Sasha Mednikova
music news 09 JUN 2024  26

Love Takes Center Stage: Taylor Swift Witnesses Marriage Proposal at Edinburgh Eras Concert

During the first of three stadium tour dates in Scotland, Taylor Swift witnessed a heartfelt marriage proposal set to her wistful Folklore single “Cardigan.” The emotional event took place on Friday, June 7, at the Scottish Gas Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh. As the couple's engagement happened before her eyes, Swift couldn't help but react from the stage, visibly moved by the touching scene.

"You put me on and said I was your favorite," Swift sang with a smile, her eyes scanning the packed stadium. As she finished the song, performed atop the Eras Tour’s Folklore cabin, she took a moment to acknowledge the beautiful moment she had just witnessed.

Taylor Swift's Heartfelt Reaction

“I love performing this entire show in the sunlight ’cause I’m pretty sure I just saw somebody get engaged over here,” Swift said, prompting cheers from the crowd that confirmed her observation. “Did it happen?” she eagerly asked, throwing her arms up in excitement when the crowd confirmed. “YES!”

Expressing her joy, she continued, “You have no idea. I never get to see that, right? ‘Cause it’s dark, usually, at night. But it’s not right now, so congratulations! Wow.”

Reflecting on the experience, she added, “I just saw that whole thing! Man, that’s amazing.”

Picking up her guitar again, she addressed the couple directly, “Thanks for doing that at my concert. That’s a big moment. Huge!”

Ensuring Fan Safety

Later in the concert, the extra daylight in Edinburgh played a crucial role in ensuring fan safety. During her always-anticipated acoustic set, Swift performed solo, enjoying some intimate interaction with the audience at the end-stage.

Midway through “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve” from the 3 am edition of Midnights, which she seamlessly blended with 1989's “I Know Places,” Swift noticed a fan in need of assistance on the general admission floor.

To the tune of the song, she calmly announced, “I need help right in front of me, please, right in front of me. Just gonna keep playing until we notice where it is.”

Pointing her guitar in the direction of the person, she continued, “Right there,” reassuring the audience, “I’m just gonna keep playing ’til somebody helps them … We’re not gonna keep singing. We’re just gonna keep talking about the people that we help in front of me … Just let me know when. I could do this all night.” Only once she was certain that the person received the necessary help did she resume her performance.

An Unforgettable Concert Experience

The concert continued with Swift delivering a stunning mashup of Evermore’s “‘Tis the Damn Season” and Lover’s “Daylight” on piano, leaving fans with an unforgettable experience. The combination of witnessing a real-life love story and ensuring fan safety showcased Swift’s dedication to her audience, making the Edinburgh Eras show truly special.