Bang Like Chop (feat. Chief Keef & Lil Reese)

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Bang Like Chop (feat. Chief Keef & Lil Reese) - Young Chop Lyrics

Bang Me and Chop'll come through chopping shit
See the cops now we hopping shit
Niggas mad cause I'm getting chop and shit
When you suck me up, you gotta suck Chop, lil bitch
Hop in my car and chop chop
Ride down yo' block with 'bout 5 chops
Ready for 'bout 50 opps
My youngins toting 50 shots
We got big ass chops
Now Sosa got big ass chops
It's me and Young Chop
And the Glo, and we on top
I say all I want is top
You can keep your fucking bottom
She say all she want is Chop
Then I say, "What? You off a molly?"I got a K named Chop
And he chop a lotta blocks
And I get a lotta chop
Bitch, my pockets the size of Chop
I'ma let it bang like Chop
Let a nigga try to rob me
Cause I get a lotta chop
My necklace a lotta chop
This bitch think I want her, I'm in love with the gwop
Just served a fiend the other day up on my block
Look through my rear view mirror and I seen the cops
Know how we rock, boy we got 50's on that block
Lamron 300 shit boy you know how we rock
Only the fam, only the family on that block
Don't know who's snitching, niggas snitching on them blocks
Can't trust a soul, so I be moving with that Glock
Can't trust a soul, so I be moving with them shots
Know how we rock, we got a K, I call it Chop
And I'll put that bitch on any opp

Bang Like Chop (feat. Chief Keef & Lil Reese) lyrics !!!